Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS)

The Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS) is the student government. SUNSHS is responsible for planning social events and activities for NSHS students (including prom), creating the yearbook, increasing student engagement, and more.

Nevada State High School

SUNSHS Members

Network Executive Board

Marcos Kano

President of the Henderson Campus & Exec Chair
(Student Body President)

Krystal Ramos

President of the Downtown Henderson Campus & Exec Vice Chair
(Prom Committee Chair)

Alena Laponi

President of the Sunrise Campus & Exec Secretary (Yearbook Committee Chair)

Blen Teka

President of the Southwest Campus & Exec Treasurer

Aiza Soriano

President at Downtown Campus

Alliyah Boyd

President of North Las Vegas Campus

Kamryn Barrie

President of Meadowwood Campus

Yaslin Rodriguez

President of Northwest Campus

Daniel Vidal-Garate

President of Summerlin Campus

2022–2023 Meeting Schedule