Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS)

The Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS) is the student government. SUNSHS is responsible for planning social events and activities for NSHS students (including prom), creating the yearbook, increasing student engagement, and more.

Nevada State High School

SUNSHS Members

Network Executive Board

Kathleen Ramos

Exec Chair
(Student Body President)

Mia Urena

Exec Vice Chair
(Prom Committee Chair)

Leslie Perez Mata Jr.

Exec of Student Outreach
(Student Outreach Committee Chair)

Rachell Son

Exec Historian
(Yearbook Committee Chair)

Gianna Zepeda

President of Henderson

Joseph Gutierraz

Historian of Henderson

Sarah Pilon

President of Downtown Henderson

Tyler Straily

Vice President of Downtown Henderson

Laila Steen

Historian of Downtown Henderson

Alhyza Jane Pura

President of Summerlin

Mia Zarate

Vice President of Summerlin

Aaron Shin

Historian of Summerlin

Tihut Woldeyes

President of Southwest

Sophia Ferraz

Vice President of Southwest

Ishika Goven

Historian of Southwest

Brooklyn Rich

President of Northwest

Addysen Bennett

Vice President of Northwest

Reise Crothers

Historian of Northwest

Michelle Campos

President of Sunrise

Adrian Amparan

Vice President of Sunrise

Alexy Aguirre

Historian of Sunrise

Rianne Tamban

President of North Las Vegas

Andrea Schulthorp

Vice President of North Las Vegas

Rocco Flores

Historian of North Las Vegas

Dania Juarez

President of Downtown Las Vegas

Ximena Velazquez

Vice President of Downtown Las Vegas

Breanna De Luca

Vice President of Meadowwood

2023-2024 Meeting Schedule