Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS)

The Student Union of Nevada State High School (SUNSHS) is the student government. SUNSHS is responsible for planning social events and activities for NSHS students (including prom), creating the yearbook, increasing student engagement, and more.

Nevada State High School Student Union

SUNSHS Members

Executive Board

SUNSHS Executive Board President- Laura Calkins

Laura Calkins


SUNSHS Executive Board Vice President-Alexis Beckelheimer

Alexis Beckelheimer

Vice President

SUNSHS Executive Board Treasurer - Chloe Donohue

Chloe Donohue


SUNSHS Executive Board Historian-CeeCeeBojorquez

CeeCee Bojorquez


SUNSHS Executive Board Historian-BriannaMoses

Brianna Moses


Senior Representatives

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Ryan Casa

Ryan Casa

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Daisy Chaparro

Daisy Chaparro

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Angelique Fiorenza

Angelique Fiorenza

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Tuwani Palacio

Tuwani Palacio

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Aimee Santacruz

Aimee Santacruz

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Happy Sintayehu

Happy Sintayehu

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-Raphael Solomon

Raphael Solomon

SUNSHS Senior Representatives-E'Aloni Ward

E'Aloni Ward

Junior Representatives

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Erik Fitting

Erik Fitting

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Hailey Hawk

Hailey Hawk

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Zadeiah Juarez

Zadeiah Juarez

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Jessica Kriegh

Jessica Kriegh

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Yazmeen Miller

Yazmeen Miller

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Amelia Norman

Amelia Norman

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Kimberly Perez

Kimberly Perez

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Carmela Pilande

Carmela Pilande

SUNSHS Junior Representatives-Jaron Regan

Jaron Regan

2018–2019 Meeting Schedule