Student Stories

– Dominic Bertz

“It may be a little challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an amazing experience. The staff are very friendly and only want to see you succeed. I would definitely recommend attending Nevada State High School.”

– Kelvin Leon

“Nevada State High School is a great place for students to get a real college experience while still being high school students. In this program, I was able to receive college credit and I am currently on track to receive an Associate of Business by the time I graduate senior year in high school. This program is saving me tons of time and money as it will also allow me to acquire my Bachelors Degree in a shorter span of time. Overall, I highly recommend Nevada State High School and all the opportunities for a higher education it provides!”

– Kaetochi Okpukpara

“I wish I’d found them sooner. I went here for my last semester of high school and everything was so smooth. I was able to get 9 college credits in one semester while still in high school and about to graduate. HIGHLY recommend for someone who wants a more personal and self-reliant touch on school. Super convenient and really friendly and supportive staff. Cool and diverse student body as well.”

– Carmela Pilande

“Nevada State High School has given me and countless other students the opportunity to get ahead in our education and take college courses for free. As a former AP student, the freedom and flexibility this school provides as well as the money it saves me is amazing. The majority of complaints about Nevada State result because people do not keep up with the deadlines, paperwork, or the outgoing information. The staff here is incredibly supportive, willing to listen, and will work with you personally to give you a great college experience. I have never had any regrets about my decision to move to Nevada State.”

– Patricia Hernandez, Class of 2017

“I don’t think I would have committed to finishing college had I not come to NSHS. What I love about this school is that it provides a smooth transition to college readiness, and students have a chance to renew their confidence in their academic abilities. I feel more than ready to start the next school year at UNLV, and I am glad I will be going in with a clear idea of how college works.”

– Ama Tran, Class of 2011

“Thank you for making my transition to college easier and opening up opportunities I would not have had otherwise. I was not doing well in traditional high school due to cultural barriers, and NSHS really helped improve my quality of life.”

– Monique Aviles, Class of 2018

“Choosing to attend NSHS was the best decision I’ve ever made. Because of my dual credits, I’m able to graduate from college in less than three years!”

– Erica Vansteenhuyse, Class of 2007

“Like many other students, public high school opened up some doors for me to potentially go down the wrong path. The traditional high school structure CLEARLY wasn’t working for me, and I was desperately searching for a different way to complete high school. Fortunately, I found your program through family friends, and it literally changed my life.”

– Hannah Guinn, Class of 2014

“From the onset of my time at Nevada State High School, I was encouraged and challenged to develop as a scholar and evolve as a thinker. I was given a unique opportunity to earn college credits while finishing high school, and I mastered skills that have become the foundation of my future success. With over 50 college credits completed at Nevada State High School, I was able to graduate from Chapman University within two years, saving over $80,000. Nevada State High School has been the most valuable academic component in my life, and I am grateful for the outstanding experience I received.”

– Grace Cadavona, Class of 2010

“NSHS has given me the opportunity to help reach my goals at an early age and has prepared me to plan effectively for future goals. I was able to complete my associate’s degree and undergraduate degree in nursing debt-free with no loans, and I would not have this platform I was blessed with if I had not gone to NSHS.”

– Kelsey Hannah, Class of 2013

“I am grateful every day that one of my friends complains about English 102 or CH because I was able to knock those out what feels like forever ago. You seriously changed my life and gave me so many opportunities.”

– Constance Scott, Class of 2006

“Since earning my MAT in Secondary Social Studies Education, I have become a teacher in Tampa, Florida. I am finishing my fourth year in education, and I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. Nevada State High School truly prepared me for higher education and my career, and the same expectations you set for us, I now set for my own students.”

– Jordyn Vannavong, Class of 2015

”With your help, I have been able to stay ahead of the curve and take the time to explore my options through education.”

– Cameron Anderson, Class of 2017

“It’s hard to learn responsibility when you’re barely able to drive a car, but I felt comfort from NSHS and achieved one of the most crucial and significant qualities in the world of careers — preparation. Despite my tendency to procrastinate, I do believe I have grown into a student who is prepared for anything, and that is the biggest reward I could ever ask for.”