Sports/Activities at NSHS & Other Schools

Nevada State High School (NSHS) believes student involvement in school activities and sports is important for students when it comes to their personal and social development. To help them develop well-rounded interests and strong resumes, the school requires all first-year students to participate in 20 hours of volunteer service or school activities each semester. Students must also participate in activities and events (hosted by NSHS) to make sure they are prepared socially to make the transition to college.


Per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 386.560, students may participate in sports and other activities at their zoned school if the sport or activity is not offered at their charter school, and NSHS has no sports teams. Permission must first be obtained from the board of trustees of the zoned school; please check with the administration at your zoned school to learn more about the process and approval.

Students who participate in sports or activities outside of NSHS are responsible to report their own grade progress to their coaches or club advisers.

NSHS Activities

NSHS Sports and Activities
Sura Ghyasi playing soccer for Durango High School

Being able to play sports while being in this program at Nevada State is a fun and also challenging opportunity. When I first started this program, I was very nervous that the school work and study time would interfere with me being at practice or games, but it was the opposite. I was able to manage my time wisely, taking online classes and choosing classes in person that would work with my schedule, and I’m beyond blessed to have gotten this opportunity to get a head start on college while still being in high school and playing sports.”  —Sura Ghyasi, NSHS senior