Registration Process

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to attend Nevada State High School:

  • All students registering for the fall must be juniors (11+ credits) or seniors (17+ credits).
  • All students registering for the spring must be juniors (14+ credits) or seniors (20+ credits).

Registration Dates

Fall Semester: February 1 to August 15 or until it is no longer possible to gain a college schedule
Spring Semester: November 1 to January 15 or until it is no longer possible to gain a college schedule

Step 1: Complete the online application.

Step 2: Review Lottery results.

Step 3: Submit all required paperwork.

Step 4: Complete the three phases of registration.

Students will need to make multiple visits to NSHS to finalize their enrollment. This process is broken into three phases and is important to make sure that students are concurrently enrolling in NSHS and local colleges!

Students need to create accounts at local colleges, take college placement tests, develop their schedules, and register for their classes. Below is a brief description of each of these registration phases.

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

Phase 2: Academic Planning

During phase two, you will meet with Nevada State High School staff to complete your online applications to other colleges, which will allow you to readily enroll in classes across different colleges based on availability and your schedule. Nevada State High School staff will also work to develop an individualized academic plan based on your course placements with the colleges.

Phase 3: Course Approval for Payment (CAP) Form

During phase three students enroll in classes and complete and submit their Course Authorization for Payment, or CAP form along with a copy of their class schedule for the classes they are enrolled in. Nevada State High School agrees to pay for the college tuition and fees for each student, based on their CAP form.

Completing the Enrollment Process

To complete the enrollment process, you will need to submit your final transcript with all posted grades from your previous school. You may also submit any updated ACT/SAT or placement scores and may need to provide any updates to your immunization records following review by our nurse. Once all phases of registration are complete, you will be provided a letter outlining what you need for the first day of school!