Registration Process

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to attend Nevada State High School:

  • All students registering for the fall must be juniors (entering their 3rd year with 11+ credits) or seniors (entering their 4th year with 17+ credits).
  • All students registering for the spring must be juniors (currently in their 3rd year with 14+ credits) or seniors (currently in their 4th year with 20+ credits).

Registration Dates

Fall Semester: February 1 to August 1 or until it is no longer possible to gain a college schedule
Spring Semester: November 1 to mid-January or until it is no longer possible to gain a college schedule

Step 1: Complete the online registration form.

Step 2: Complete the four phases of registration.

Students will need to make multiple visits to NSHS and other college locations to finalize their enrollment. This process is broken into four simple phases and is important to make sure that students are concurrently enrolling in NSHS and local colleges!

Students need to complete all necessary paperwork for enrollment at NSHS, take college placement tests, create college accounts and develop their schedules, and register for their classes. Below is a brief description of each of these registration phases.

Phase 1: Initial Consultation (student and parent/guardian attend in person at NSHS)

Phase 2: Placement Testing (student attends in person at NSHS)

College course selection is dependent upon placement testing, and this phase requires taking required placement exams with the College of Southern Nevada, Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows Community College, and/or Western Nevada College. Typically, colleges use SAT®’s Accuplacer exam for placement, but ACT® or SAT® scores can also be used and are preferred; if you’ve taken the ACT® or SAT®, bring your scores in at this time. Be sure to take this phase seriously for the best college course placement.

Important Reminder: Brush up on basic math skills before testing! NSHS has no authority or influence over your scores, so it’s up to you to be prepared and do your best. Click the “Prepare for Placement Test” button above to find helpful practice questions and tips.

Phase 3: Scheduling Session (student attends in person at NSHS)

After your placement scores have been received by NSHS, you will learn how to manage the college online student center to create your college schedule.

Phase 4: CAP Form Submission (student submits in person at NSHS)

A Course Approval for Payment (CAP) form is the agreement between you, your parent/guardian, and NSHS to pay for your college classes. Once your college schedule is finalized, you will document which classes you will take in accordance with your NSHS academic plan on this form. Your eligibility to attend NSHS hinges upon the submission of all required documents for registration, including your unofficial transcript showing current semester grades and proof of a complete college schedule.

Step 3: Complete your enrollment.

You’re almost there! When you have met the eligibility requirements, have an approved and complete schedule, and have submitted all required documents, you may show up on the first day of school to complete your enrollment.