NSHS Courses

Introduction to College

CEP 121

At Nevada State High School, our mission is to successfully transition students personally, academically, and socially into the college environment. We want them to not only be exposed to the college atmosphere, but to excel in it. Before college courses start, students take a mandatory Introduction to College course. This is a graded, .5 credit elective course that takes place off-site at a central conference location, which may include conference rooms at local colleges or casino convention centers pending space availability.

During this course, students get the chance to meet and interact with other new students at the school, collaborate with their peers and professors in a college setting, write college papers, present projects, participate in team-building activities, learn the processes and expectations of NSHS, and much more. This fast-paced course gives students everything they need to know to get started in college and at NSHS.

Study Skills

CEP 050

Changing the education environment from high school to college can be a rather difficult task. Study Skills serves as the “training wheels” to support students while they are submerged in a full college experience. The Study Skills course develops and refines skills for college remedial assistance, academic guidance and planning, and proficiency assistance. Instructors monitor, support, assist, tutor, and meet with students to work on targeting academic needs. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their education by becoming independent, resourceful learners.

This course is required each semester to monitor student progress. After successfully completing their first semester at NSHS, students can apply for Study Skills Exemption, which allows them more freedom and access to more college course options.

To qualify for an exemption, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completing the ACT (with writing) in the fall
  • Enrolling in math and English courses that are 100-level or higher
  • Passing ALL courses from the previous semester, including high school courses
  • Submitting ALL required documents for NSHS on time
  • Attending ALL Transitions and COMPASS courses
  • Completing all outside requirements
  • Logging in to Canvas Portal daily
  • Responding to NSHS administrative contacts within 24 hours
  • Following directions of NSHS staff
  • Maintaining accuracy of student information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.)


CEP 060

During their first year at Nevada State High School, students take a course called Transitions, which takes place off-site once a month at a central conference location. (This may include conference rooms at local colleges or casino convention centers pending space availability). Students also attend a once a week session set up similarly to Study Skills at their home location. This course develops and refines skills in effective planning and participating in college and beyond. Students are exposed to a variety of activities and strategies that teach them different ways to problem solve and be actively involved in developing their own education. Some of the selected topics include ACT® and WorkKeys® test preparation, career exploration, college planning for a major and a degree, college options research, financial planning and budgeting, college financial planning, interviewing skills and resume development, job preparation, and volunteer opportunities. Students are also required to complete volunteer hours at local nonprofits or be involved in school activities, as well as participate in social events organized by NSHS.


CEP 070

During their second year at Nevada State High School, students take a course called COMPASS, which steers them on the path to college. It is a requirement for graduation at NSHS but is not worth any credit on students’ transcripts — it serves more as a way to keep in touch with second-year students before they graduate from high school.

By their second year, many students are successfully integrated into college and may forget they still have high school responsibilities. The course is set up to touch base and make sure students are keeping up with their college requirements, NSHS expectations, and college application deadlines.