“This school has been the best thing for me and my education! I am so thankful that someone told me about NSHS. The school really put me on the right track in life and ahead of all of my friends! If you want to do college the right way, start by going to Nevada State!”

Nevada State High School
– Darren Roybal, Class of 2021

“It was a good experience with its ups and downs. I would say that it was helpful in getting me prepared for college by pushing me to get things going early rather than waiting. It was also nice to get an idea of college classes and professors and how to handle the work and studying. “

Nevada State High School
– Abigail Ganze, Class of 2021

“My experience at NSHS was nothing short of wonderful. The staff was always helpful and welcoming. Although the course was demanding it was as rewarding and if I’d honestly do it again if I had the chance. “

Nevada State High School
– Kaleb Bekele, Class of 2021

“This was one of the most rewarding, and beneficial opportunities of my life. At first I was hesitate about transferring from my public zoned school to NSHS, but boy was it the best decision! I have flourished and sprouted under NSHS’s tender care and I wish everyone nothing but the best in the future!”

Nevada State High School
– Meghan Coleman, Class of 2021

I attended Nevada State High School all junior and senior year and this program did so much for me! This is a perfect transition from high school to college and students are given so many opportunities! I am so grateful for this program and everyone who made my last two years of high school so memorable.

– Jasmine Avolio

Nevada State High School for students who want to get a head start on their early college/career! The administration wants everyone to succeed and have fun while attending NSHS.

– Brenna

Nevada State High School has given me and countless other students the opportunity to get ahead in our education and take college courses for free. As a former AP student, the freedom and flexibility this school provides as well as the money it saves me is amazing.

– Carmela P.

I am a Junior attending NSHS this year, and I can honestly say that this is the first year of my high school life that I have actually learned things that I will be able to take with me in my future. I’ve learned things like how to make a resume to apply for jobs, how to earn scholarships, and how to manage a college life.

– Julia S.

This school is amazing! The staff members are very friendly and very helpful. I was able to take college classes early and the colleges were amazing as well. I definitely recommend going to this school if you know what you want to be; if you already have a career in mind, they will help get you there.

– Lauren D.

“I wish I’d found them sooner. I was able to get 9 college credits in one semester while still in high school. Super convenient and really friendly and supportive staff. Cool and diverse student body as well.”

– Kaetochi O.