College Courses

College of Southern Nevada
Great Basin College
Truckee Meadows Community College
Western Nevada College

At Nevada State High School (NSHS), students take dual-credit classes, which means their classes count for both high school and college credit. With this model, students can earn 9–16 college credits each semester for free, for a total of up to 56 college credits over two years with NSHS!

When students first enroll with NSHS, they are limited in the number of remedial, 100-level, and 200-level college courses they can take to help ease the transition (three per semester). As they progress and become more comfortable in the college environment, they earn the freedom and privilege to take more college courses (up to five per semester).

Using the NSHS Academic Plan, students create their own schedule from available college courses. The example below shows a typical first semester schedule for a junior:

  • Math – college course (level based on college placement test)
  • English – college course (level based on college placement test)
  • U.S. History or Government – college course
  • Introduction to College – NSHS elective (two weeks before school)
  • Study Skills – NSHS elective (two days a week for two hours)
  • Transitions – NSHS elective (once a month for a full day)

During their NSHS elective courses, students are guided through the process of creating a college degree plan toward earning a bachelor’s degree that aligns with an associate’s degree or occupational certificates.