BlogsNevada State High School students at a required course

By: Melanie Canales

As the school year begins, new students are adjusting to the new environment of taking college courses. As a second year student, I know what is expected for the first year at NSHS. I have gained many skills and learned about the different ways to prepare for the fall semester at Nevada State High School. Here’s information and some tips that will help prepare and guide new students to success at NSHS.


Check Moodle Regularly

Moodle will help students prepare for the fall semester because it lists any announcements, upcoming social events, volunteer opportunities, reminders, access to school forms and so much more. Keeping up with Moodle is such a great way to stay updated and prepare for what is to come!

Talk with the Counselor

When transitioning from high school to a college environment students have the opportunity to make their own schedule by choosing their classes and professors. Talking with the counselor can really help both juniors and seniors to degree plan, discuss over credits, plan out their schedule for each semester, and make sure they are on track to success.

Attend Study Skills and Transitions

Study skills and transitions help students adjust to the lifestyle in college by providing information on how to prepare, react, and perform. These courses guide students through taking college courses, creating resumes, preparing for interviews, learning effective ways to study, and researching for colleges. Expect to learn useful information that you’ll be able to use as you go through college.

Go Volunteering and Attend Social Events

During the first year at Nevada State High School it is mandatory to go volunteering and attend social events. Be prepared to gain more communication skills. Attending the socials events allows students to be interactive with each other, meet new people, discuss over classes, and so much more. Volunteering gives students that opportunity to help out the community, meet new people, and build up their resume!

Go Tutoring

Getting tutored is such a great way to prepare for final exams successfully. Having that one on one time ensures the understanding of the subject and students have the opportunity to ask questions. CSN and NSHS both offer free tutoring; it is such a great resource to take advantage of and it will help student become more confident in their academics.

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