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Nevada State High School (NSHS) has long had success preparing 11th and 12th graders for college in southern Nevada, and more recently in northern Nevada as well.  In August 2016, Nevada State High School first expanded to northern Nevada sharing a campus with Western Nevada College in Carson City.  NSHS’s first stand-alone campus, Nevada State High School – Reno: Meadowwood, opened in February of 2019 further solidifying NSHS’s presence as a top charter school in Reno.

What Makes NSHS Unique?

Unique to the state of Nevada, Nevada State High School is a tuition-free public charter school. At this state-funded high school, juniors and seniors take real college courses with real college professors on real college and university campuses in Nevada. These courses count for both high school and college credit, making it possible for our students to earn their high school diplomas while getting a head start on their college degrees.

The best part about it? Attending NSHS is absolutely free. The school’s financial plan maximizes the use of public dollars to cover two years of college tuition and fees for each of our students. At NSHS, you will not only attend college courses, but also learn how to excel in them and in your career. With a focus on career and college readiness, we are preparing our students for the future.

Emma Ross, a student at Nevada State High School – Reno: Meadowwood, had this to say:

I love NSHS because they not only prepare me for college, but they also prepare me for life too.  NSHS is the best option in Reno because it allows me get two years of college credits for free! I also love the opportunity to explore what I am passionate about.  I get to take classes that actually interest me and that aren’t offered in a typical high school.

Reno Charter School’s Events and Activities

Nevada State High School believes student involvement in school activities and sports is important for students when it comes to their personal and social development. To help them develop well-rounded interests and strong resumes, the school requires all first-year students to participate in 20 hours of volunteer service or school activities each semester. Students must also participate in activities and events hosted by NSHS to make sure they are prepared socially to make the transition to college.

Throughout the year, social events are planned to bring students together, such as the school prom, trips to amusement parks, movie nights, bowling excursions, location get-togethers, and more.

Emma added, “the social events are what makes school the most fun.  This past year, I was able to go the movies, an escape room, a trampoline park, and ice skating with my classmates.”

NSHS offers several activities for students to participate in: the Student Union of Nevada State High School (student government), the prom committee, and the yearbook committee. As college students, NSHS students have the ability to participate in college activities and clubs as well.

Connecting with Other Motivated Students

Students from all over Nevada attend NSHS, and enrolling in college courses means that they are meeting people of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Getting a real college experience while still in high school results in an expanded worldview at a young age.  Students choose NSHS for a variety of reasons. One common factor is that they are motivated and ready to be challenged academically. Attending college classes is a big step for 11th and 12th graders, and students who are motivated to succeed in school truly excel here.

Emma explains this common ground from a student perspective:

NSHS has connected me with so many other students that I would have never been able to meet before because of school zoning.  I have been able to connect with so many other driven students because we all have a common goal of wanting to go to college early.

Nevada State High School offers a Flexible Schedule

NSHS gives you the opportunity to become a college student, which means you’ll experience the flexibility of planning your own schedule. You’ll choose your college professors, fulfill general education requirements like math and English, and explore a college major before you graduate from high school.

Emma loves the freedom that comes with a college schedule. “NSHS allows me to spend more time on things that I’m interested in both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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