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Nevada State High School is celebrating National Early College Week which recognizes a best practice in education that is much different from taking Advanced Placement or dual credit classes taught in a high school setting.  An “early college high school” is a national best practice model designated by the Education Commission of the States that integrates support classes into a single program and places students in real college classes on a real college campus for a real college experience.  Nevada State High School packages these student supports into a proven process that graduates EVERY student college ready!  Dr. Wendi Hawk (Founder and Chief Academic Officer) said, “We support every student graduating from high school needing no remedial college classes and earning transferable college credits towards a degree with a national portable certificate for employment.”

Since 2001, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions of dollars on expanding the National Early College Initiative.  Jobs for the Future (JFF) has helped manage and carry out the integrity of that initiative and is committed to helping the Foundation continue this expansion which currently counts nearly 280 early college high schools nationwide.  Nevada State High School was one of the early adopters of the initiative opening it’s “early college high school” as a public charter school in the state of Nevada with 40 students on the campus of Nevada State College in fall of 2004.  Nevada State High School has since grown to six campuses with college partnerships across the state of Nevada and is currently serving over 700 students (2018-19).

Join Nevada State High School in celebrating National Early College High School week to recognize the work of thousands of students who have benefited from enrolling in the early college model.  For those current 10th or 11th grade students interested in registering for Nevada’s early college model can register now at the following Northern Nevada location or Southern Nevada location.