BlogsFinance and Operation Director- Diona Williams

Name: Diona Williams

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

NSHS Campus: Las Vegas: Southwest and Henderson

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Nevada State High School (NSHS)? There is an amazing sense of “community” and a true team effort in motivating our great group of students in achieving academic success.

How do you like to spend your free time? Spending time with family, volunteering at church, hiking, and reading

What is your favorite place in the world? Rome, Italy

What is the last book you read? Love Thy Neighbor by Quintola Eicher

Which authors or books have influenced you the most? The Bible

Do you have any secret talents? Singing

What do you hope students will come away with after attending NSHS? It is my hope that each student will walk away from NSHS thoroughly equipped to become successful in the next chapter of their academic journey. From their experience in the NSHS community, students will go further than thought possible by combining the knowledge and passion to achieve great things.