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College can be very intimidating for public charter school students — the enormous campus, the professors, and the very challenging classes. Although it may be intimidating, there are many ways you can feel right at home on your college campus. For those taking their first college classes, here are helpful tips for overcoming your college fears.

Finding Your Way

Getting lost on campus is something that haunts every public charter school student when it is time to go to their classes. There is nothing to fear because it happens way more than you think; you are not the only one who gets lost. Nonetheless, if you do happen to walk along an unfamiliar path, do not be afraid to ask fellow students about where to go. Professors and on-campus security guards would be delighted to assist you to your class as well. There are even GPS apps you can utilize on your smartphone that can guide you to the correct building. If you happen to be a little old-school and are not tech savvy, there are alternatives to using a GPS. You can find an online map of your college campus, print it out, and follow the correct pathway to your class. Just be sure to leave a couple minutes early in case you miss a turn and have to take a detour!

Prioritizing Your Work

Being able to balance new responsibilities is also something that frightens students. In order to prioritize and accept personal responsibility for your work, you should invest in a planner or a calendar. This way you can identify what needs to be done and the time you have to complete it. Getting a planner app on your smartphone can be beneficial, too. You can set alarms to remind you when you should start an assignment and when it is due. It is equally important to consider the requirements that are specific to your major and what is needed to help you graduate.

Succeeding Academically

Many students fear that they might fall behind in their college classes. However, if you try your best to stay organized and turn in your assignments on time, you will be just fine! Here are a few ways to make sure you succeed academically.

– Schedule uninterrupted time to study for your classes, and try to block out any distractions that may stop you from studying. Staying focused in class and outside of class when completing your assignments will benefit you and your academic performance.

– When you are in class, open up to your professor about any confusion you may have regarding the assignments. Ask questions! They are there to help you, but you have to initiate conversation with them for that to happen.

– Use the library on campus. The library is a top-notch place to go when you want to study. It is quiet so there are less distractions, and there are resources all around you that can help you with your assignments. You can access the computers, the printers, and the various types of books on the shelves. (You can also find textbooks to help you with your classes at the Nevada State High School campus nearest to you!)

– Form a study group to boost your academic performance. Finding students who all have similar classes and studying with them can motivate you to complete your work and feel confident when it is time to turn it in.

Making New Friends

Making friends can seem daunting when you are in a new environment, but it is not as scary as it seems. Many students are new to the campus and are looking for friends just like you! There are plenty of events hosted by the college and by NSHS to help you with the social transition to college. Talking to the familiar faces you see around campus can eventually lead to friendships as well. Get out of your comfort zone and socialize. It is imperative that you be yourself and not try to change who you are just to be liked. Do not focus so much on popularity and trying to fit in with the coolest cliques on campus. Everyone there is at the college to learn and to further their education. With the new friends you meet, do not be afraid to ask questions about the classes you may have together. Most importantly, try to find study times together so that you will be more motivated to complete your work.

Some students fear that by making new friends they will eventually lose connection with their friends outside of NSHS. It is crucial to identify who is important to you and who will go to the next level with you. Do not hold on to friendships with people who do not want the best for you and who do not want to see you improve in all areas of your life. Remember, if they care about you as much as you do them, they will make time for you.