10 Reasons to Choose NSHS


Accelerate Your Opportunities

Earn your high school diploma while working toward your college degree with dual-credit courses. At NSHS, you’ll combine your last years of high school with your first years of college — allowing you to complete four years of school in half the time.


Save Money

An average year at a higher education institution in Nevada could cost you more than $5,000 (including tuition, fees, and textbook costs). By attending NSHS, you can save money by completing up to two years of college for free.


Increase Your Freedom

NSHS gives you the opportunity to become a college student, which means you’ll experience the flexibility of planning your own schedule. You’ll choose your college professors, fulfill general education requirements like math and English, and explore a college major before you graduate from high school.


Interact in Student-Focused Classes

High school elective classes taught by NSHS faculty provide support and personalized planning for the future. Our instructors learn about your strengths, weakness, and future goals so we can better serve your needs and empower you to self-advocate and problem-solve in a college environment.


Receive One-on-One Attention

At NSHS, we want to get you where you want to be. We’ll be there to teach you how to become independent when it comes to registering for college, scheduling classes, researching schools you may want to attend after graduation, creating a degree plan, developing college financial plans, and applying for scholarships. We’ll also provide you with tutoring support if you need extra academic help along the way.


Attend a Top School in Nevada

NSHS has received continuous Exemplary or five-star AYP ratings from the State of Nevada, has been acknowledged by U.S. News & World Report as a Bronze recipient for America’s Best High Schools and a Silver recipient for Most Connected Classrooms, and has been rated one of Newsweek‘s top 100 schools in the country.


Become College-Bound

All NSHS students create college plans for their own customized path toward a bachelor’s degree that links to an associate’s degree or certificate. With careful planning, motivated students can actually earn an associate’s degree in their time with NSHS — around 25% of our graduates do just that! Many of our graduates also go on to earn master’s degrees and doctorates after college, having saved so much as undergraduates.


Develop Career-Readiness Skills

At NSHS, students prepare for graduation and beyond. We provide our students with the tools needed to receive a college degree and start a career. Students create resumes, write cover letters, and participate in mock interviews with members of the Nevada business community. They also train and test with WorkKeys®, ACT®’s job skills assessment system, to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate.


Challenge Yourself

Students choose NSHS for a variety of reasons. One common factor is that they are motivated and ready to be challenged academically. At NSHS, students attend real college courses with real college professors on real college campuses. This is a big step for 11th and 12th graders, and students who are motivated to succeed in school truly excel here.


Meet a Diverse Student Population

Students from all over Nevada attend NSHS, and enrolling in college courses means that they are meeting people of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Getting a real college experience while still in high school results in an expanded worldview at a young age.

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    Best Charter High School Nevada

    With over 50 college credits completed at Nevada State High School, I was able to graduate from Chapman University within two years, saving over $80,000. Nevada State High School has been the most valuable academic component in my life, and I am grateful for the outstanding experience I received.
    Hannah Guinn, Class of 2014